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A Year in Review

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year. It’s a time for cooler temperatures, spending time with friends and family, and tons of holiday treats! It’s also a time I like to use to reflect on the triumphs and trials of the closing year, both professionally and personally. 


I’d like to share some of the things I find myself reflecting on and how my business has changed this past year. 


Growing Through Referrals 


Referrals are one of the greatest tools at any independent and small business owner’s disposal. Referrals are a kind of marketing that utilize recommendations and word of mouth to expand a business’ current network. This year, Tally-Up Accounting Services was able to acquire 4 new accounts, all via referrals. Knowing that we have been able to provide current and past clients with a positive experience is one of the great joys of being a business owner. 


Hiring Subcontractors 


2023 has been a great year of growth! Taking on a variety of new clients has been rewarding, albeit at times exhausting. I’m proud to say that because of the development that Tally-Up Accounting Services has undergone this year, we were able to hire two subcontractors to assist with our services. Our subcontractors are utilizing their specialized skills to help ensure that we continue to meet critical deadlines, without the need to hire full-time employees. Welcoming additional members to the Tally-Up crew has allowed us to continue to build our clientele while not taking away from the individualized care that we provide. 


Building Client Relationships


While some clients seek us out for temporary services like QuickBooks set-up and others require more permanent help like employee payroll, one thing remains the same: the relationships we build both on and off the clock. Regular meetings with clients, whether weekly, monthly, and anywhere in between, allows us to grow a professional and personal relationship. Getting to know each of our clients – sharing with each other the struggles of running a business, learning the names of the furry friends who pop up on zoom meetings, and celebrating personal milestones like weddings, birthdays, and grandkids together is one of the things I love most about being a part of a small business.


Working Around the World


The flexibility that comes with being an accountant and business owner is one of the aspects that I have come to appreciate the most. It’s not all about making my own hours, though that is a benefit; but the ability to do my job from anywhere in the world. Business ownership and the trust I have built with my clients has allowed me to have a year where I’ve been able to work from multiple cities, states and even different countries. I was able to help my daughter move to Chicago, spend a week in California with my other daughter, help my son with his wedding in Washington D.C. and hangout with some kangaroos in Australia and New Zealand! Travel like this would be nearly impossible without the relationships I have with my clients and being my own boss.


As I look back on this past year, I am grateful for so many things. We have been able to expand both our number of clientele and employees; we have built relationships of mutual respect with our clients where we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and so much more. 2023 has without a doubt been the most successful and rewarding year for Tally-Up Accounting Services! We can’t wait to see all that 2024 has in store!